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Chapter IV

4.1 presentations of the data
This study is conducted by finding isolect status of Javanese language in south Javanese. This study investigates the phonological and lexical differencess. Therefore through this study, we expect to prove this differences which is used by the people in south Javanese.
Due to various discussions which often use the same words, it is necessary to summarize the clasiffied of data. The list of Javanese words which are used in south javanese is described below.
Table 1. Clasified the data

The words which are written in the table above are the clasiffied of the data which are taken from south Surabaya. We divided we observation point into three area. we found 207 words and devided into 21 categories. As result, Javanese word is widely used instead of Surabaya people in south Surabaya. And we found many lexical and phonological differences between three area in south surabaya, the three area are bangkingan, kedurus and babatan. The differences described below in the table of verbal map.
Table 2. Verbal map

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